Hospitality training with a difference

Bright Hospitality is a Not-For-Profit social enterprise that provides high quality, hands-on training followed by work placement across many of Sydney’s largest hospitality providers.

Since September 2015, Bright Hospitality has provided training to over 200 people, with more than 75% of our graduates having secured employment at the completion of their 6 week training. Importantly, over 90% of people who secured a job remain employed today. The training is operated out of Wesley Mission’s Edward Eagar Lodge in Surry Hills.

The Bright training program is open to everyone who has a good working attitude, full work rights and wants a job in the hospitality sector. Over the 8 weeks of training, you will gain the necessary kitchen and front-of-house skills that will give you the self-confidence to secure a job with one of our employment partners. On completion of the program, we have a dedicated team at our sister company Bright Employment working hard to find all our graduates a job.

Once you have secured employment, our chefs will continue to support you over the next 12 months to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in your job. This includes having strong relationships with our employment partners to ensure our graduates are well supported. We also provide additional services such as mentoring, job interview workshops to even how to dress for job interviews.

This program has been designed particularly to help students understand the workplace and be better prepared for employment in the hospitality industry. Too many migrants are trapped in a ‘fly wheel’ of consistently losing employment because of insufficient work experience and skills. Our program fills in this vital missing piece of the puzzle to assist people to secure meaningful long-term employment.