Why Bright

Many people from migrants and Indigenous communities face enormous barriers to secure meaningful employment and improve their lives in Australia. Sometimes up to 80% of people in these communities struggle on welfare for many years, yet with small amount of training and support they can quickly turn their lives around through employment.

Bright Hospitality is a Not-For-Profit business that is committed to connecting people from vulnerable communities with large hospitality employers who are looking for hard working staff across Australia..

We deliver a Certificate 2 in Hospitality training program over 8 weeks through our partnership with The Western Sydney Institute, with job trails provided for all our graduates at the successful completion of training. Our simple aim is to turn the welfare cycle around by creating job prospects and supporting meaningful employment for many Australians.

Our wide range of partners includes hospitality employers and training institutions. They provide our graduates with direct pathways to real employment opportunities at the completion of our training.

At Bright, we continually strive towards championing change to public perceptions around migrants by becoming a valued and trusted organisation known for delivering positive outcomes. We are determined to improve the lives of as many vulnerable families as possible, leading to a better Australia for all.