Merivale, owned by the Hemmes family, has an impressive and growing portfolio of more than 60 restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and function spaces in Sydney. With upwards of 2,500 staff employed in NSW alone, they are set to expand towards 3,000 staff within the next two years on the back of aggressive growth targets.

Several Bright graduates have worked in some of their most prestigious restaurants, including Mr. Wong, Ash St. Cellar and Felix.

What we appreciate is that Bright have taken the time to understand our business and the level we operate at, so they are only sending us people who are really going to thrive in in our venues.”

“As an employer of over 2,500 people across Sydney, obviously we can be very busy, so having added support from Bright to keep us in the loop of how their graduates are going, and whether they need extra support or help from us, is really beneficial.”

– Talent Manager, Merivale